Kindergarten is the starting point of the 15 year Kang Chiao education system, so we are constantly investing in several resources.
Huaqiao is a beautiful place surrounded by lakes and rivers that combines a natural environment with optimal facilities for living.
This environment let our children be closer to nature, enjoying the sunshine and the outdoor life.
About our teacher’s team, we select professional ones. We do adjust each curriculum to the right level of teaching. We have diversity of activities related to the teaching process.
We endeavor to grow the kids happily and healthy and well educate them under the full care of our teaching community.
In Kang Chiao, we believe that the school should be a happy place to be in. We also think that if we motivate the children with enthusiasm they will develop a brave and curious personality that will help them to find the best opportunities in the world.
We sincerely invite your children and you, to join our school.
Our school will let your children have better knowledge, a healthier body and be more opened to see the world. So, in the future they could be real talents and competitive among others.

Our Staff

(1) Director- Miko Liu
Cardiff University, Master in Education
National Chong-Hsing University, BA in Foreign Languages and Literature

Deputy Director of Kang Chiao Bilingual School Kindergarten Department (Kang Hsuan Campus)
Executive Assistant to CEO of Qingdao Kindergarten
Director of Elementary Department of Marryland Kindergarten
Trainer of Melody English

(2) Deputy Director-Pamela Xu
Nanjing Teacher’s college, Major in Early Childhood Education
Certified Kindergarten Teacher

Director of Kunshan and Shuzhou kindergartens for 9 years

Teaching Plan

Huadong Kang Chiao International School kindergarten department is mainly focused on a bilingual environment, physical development and character education. We will also focus on the children’s creativity and team work.
We motivate our children to have their own personality, teaching them to respect, love and express gratitude to others. We educate them in an artistic environment so they can appreciate the beauty of life and apply their own creativities in everything they do.
In an environment with love, the children will grow up happily and will feel confident to explore by themselves.
With a diversity of sports facilities, we build them stronger and healthier.
In a bilingual environment they will learn more about different cultures and feel more comfortable with the languages.