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Kang Chiao International School 2016-2017 G10 Cycling around Taiwan Training before leaving

Release time:2016-11-15



        The first step was roll call and itinerary description as before. Director Huang gave a speech about some points for attention and also reminded students to follow the direction. This time we also invited a professional team from Giant to lead our teams.




        The third cycling training began on 6th Dec. The destination was Dianshanhu Town. And the distance between our school and Dianshanhu town was 31 kilometers. The whole journey was 62 kilometers, which was a new challenge for G10 students.



Warm-up exercise

        Before the formal training, led by 10 C mid-term leader all the students did warm-up exercise.



Set out

        The hardship had gone when the students determined to start off. Let us go! Let us enjoyed beautiful view on this journey.



Riding outside

        Students with twinkling yellow riding suit was riding across streets and slopes. Every helmet showed happiness and health. The direction was under our steps with hope just before our eyes. Students must had laughed at themselves if they given up on the half way.





Energy supply

        KCIS prepared food, water and fruits for students to ensure they could accumulate energy and continue their journey .Although plastic tray meals could not called delicious, their happy faces told us they were contented after rode 31 kilometers.



Back trip

        The afternoon training began after a short break. They are more skilled after twice training.This was a long journey. Only perseverance can succeed. We wish all the students to have strenth to stick to riding.




        After the training, teacher Winnona led us to review and summarize the whole day. Many students shared their feelings.


        Director Liao hopes students who used long time to ran around the playground can set goals, make a little progress towards their goals every time. At the same time, Director Liao praised the students’good living habits. Finally, Director Liao gave a big affirmation to the injured who still insisted on riding.

Review meeting

        In view of the riding problems such as discipline, physical problems and order, the directors and teachers conducted an discussion. The class teacher will talk with students who violated the discipline.Students must completed every night training so as to improve physical fitness.Students who had been left behind must be accompanied by vice teacher, Directors must make a good example for everyone.



The gains of 10C students

        Today is 12th of November and it is the third cycling training. We 10C class are the ones who are going to lead the team to ride to DianshanLake. During the whole journey, although we have been very tired and  we cannot have the strength to ride at certain moment, we have never felt our class are so united.Although it was a hard training,I would miss this feeling.

        Today is the third time cycling training. The total distance is 60 km.We started to ride at 8 am. I thought I won’t feel very tired originally , but it was different from what I thought after a few hours.I was so tired .What’s more, I met a little trouble with my bike. Because I insisted on so I was proud of myself .I hope that everything will go smoothly in Taiwan.