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G7 Class Poetry Recitation Contest

Release time:2016-11-25


On 10th,Nov.Chinese teachers and students from G7 held the Class Poetry Recitation Competition in music hall. The activity aims to improve the students' appreciation and understanding of Chinese poetry.

Busy Rehearsal

Thank you Principal Chuang and Director Wang for watching the competition in their busy schedule ! Their arrival brought inspiration to our students!



702 China Youth

The contest was opened by the soul-stirring poetry recited by the students from 702.



705 The lost of years

The lost of years was written by the student from 705.The students did their best to performance.



701 Water Melody

The Water Melody ,a famous poem from Song Dynasty.


706 Hui Da

Students from 706 read aloud with full emotions to feel the charm of poetry.



704 《Growing up》

Growing up, the students from 704 expressed their understanding about the growing.



703 《Youth》

Friendship is the flower of youth, we cherish it in our whole life !



Good order at the competition scene! The audiences watched seriously! Well done!



Award Ceremony! Congratulations!



Many thanks to Judge Jane Jiang, Tingting Miao, Momo and Mindy!