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Lectures of integrated knowledge

Release time:2016-11-25

Lectures of integrated knowledge” consists of series of thematic activities, such as Geography, History, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Citizenship. The purpose is to make students combine the knowledge of different subjects together and use in daily life. The whole activity process is managed by students and helped by teachers.



Rehearsal & Preparation




The activity starts! Superintendent’s speech!

Students are so excited for Superintendent’s coming and speech and carefully listened to the speech: Students’ study in Kang Chiao is not limited on the book, you should combine the knowledge of different subjects together and use in daily life…



Wonderful opening dance



Tokyo Disneyland

Lisa Zhou of Class 706 introduced Tokyo Disneyland starting from a hot film, including the location, Disneyland Secrets, Theme Parks, notices and so on. The Q&A part made the audience go buzzing.



The Q&A part made the audience go buzzing.



Cycling around Qinghai lake

Kevin Wang of Class 804 introduced Qinghai lake in his sight, combing with Physical Geography, Human Geography and things on the cycling trip. He also reviewed the Geography knowledge of G7!



He reminds that we should bring some loose change because the toilet near Qinghai lake is so impressive!



There are many questions during his speech:

1. What is your impression on Qinghai lake?

2.Do you know what is salt lake?


Students are highly engaged: Pick me! Pick me! I know!



The trip to Guizhou

Sky Wang of Class 803 introduced Guizhou resources, landforms, transportation, and especially told us his feelings of experience to support education in Guizhou. He encouraged more students to join in!



His mother cheered for him by teaching students useful Guizhou dialect: a little hot pepper.



The trip to Coron

David Chen introduced his trip to Coron. Stange taxi car, boats with battens, different kinds of benthos, underwater sports…This is a speech combined with Geography, History and Biology!



Touched and grateful

His father has a great influence on him. Thinking back of the time diving with father, David felt touched again. The students gave him a big hand for his grateful heart.




Tiger Chen of Class 804 introduced his trip to Nepal and feelings: Some 12-year-old children in Nepal has begun to drudge. Lots of children have no school experience and even no shoes…I wish our country prosperity, no wars in the world, and every child in the world has shoes!




Speech of Member of parents association

I was surprised for all your performance! You not only learn with a lively mind, but also have the feelings and thoughts to life from different aspects! I think this is the reason why we parents send you to Kang Chiao!






Thank you all again!