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Kang Chiao International School 2016-2017 G10 Cycling around Taiwan Training before leaving

Release time:2016-12-06


The first step was roll call and itinerary description as before. Director Huang gave a speech about some points for attention and also reminded students to follow the direction. This time we also invited a professional team from Giant to lead our teams.





The fourth cycling training began on 3rd Dec . The whole journey was 85 kilometers , it was longer and much more difficult than the third training, which was a new challenge for G10 students.



Warm-up exercise

Before the formal training, led by 10 D mid-term leader all the students did warm-up exercise.



Riding outside

Since students already had cycling experience and also were familiar with the routine, so today it was a big improvement on the cooperation and order.



Life like cycling. Although there need more strength going up slopes, less feeling of security. However going down slopes is on the contrary. Thinking back to process of cycling when they arrive destination, Dirty, tired and difficult count nothing.




Energy supply

Considering the journey is very long, so we arranged two rest stations to offer snack to our students to replenish energy. Our students parked bikes orderly to keep the roads clear.



Back trip

The state of students were more and more better. They seemed have more energy when backing to school. Willpower is as important as physical ability on the way of riding, so we believe they have had strong willpower as they finished their trip.


Through this successfully training, we could see that students'physical exercise had made achievements in enhancing the skills and discipline. There had less accidents than previous trainings which made us felt delighted.





Vice Director Huang indicated that students ' physical ability had been strengthen by ordinary exercise. Students who could not catch up team need to tone up with more exercise. At last he gave recognition about the first more than 80 kilometers training.



After the training, teacher Winnona led us to review and summarize the whole day. Many students shared their feelings.


Review meeting

Director Liao indicates that we need to pay attention at four points. Firstly, we must make sure all students were equipped well. Secondly, students who have used more than 19 minutes at 3000 meters test need to exercise for through test. Thirdly students'good performance should gain teachers prize. Lastly, homeroom teachers make a feedback about violations and riding condition.


The gains of 10D students

It's  the last training for us to Taiwan, and all of us are very lucky because the it is sunny .we know more importance of collective and we are ready for the trip to Taiwan and we realized what we should pay attention more and how the moods we will keep if we were in trouble. today we left behind but we didn't loss our heart we kept on going under the leadership of our head teacher. I think if we have this spirit all of the time in Taiwan we will have a big success . In the training we were also very happy all of us tried our best to help classmates which in trouble and  console them.

Cycling makes me happy, but also can exercise muscle and body, improve heart and lung function and enhance endurance. We ride more than 50 kilometers in the morning and 30 kilometers in the afternoon. Although it was tired, but I still insisted. After lunch, there was a interesting thing that one student 'mobile phone fell into the manhole covers which reminding us that do not look at the mobile phone when eating. A few times I almost wanted to give up, but my classmate encouraged and supported me which let me take classmates as my family. We make progress together, There are almost two weeks to go around Taiwan. I will train hard and not give up during these days even more tired.