KCISEC ensures that all staff working with children, both paid and voluntary, have been appropriately vetted and screened, and are employed in accordance with the CPP. Screening means verifying applicants’ identity, gathering information about them through application forms, interviews, and reference checks, and finally checking what you know through the use of external checks. Gathering applicants’ criminal record checks or child abuse history clearance is one of the most important parts of this process. 

      At KCISEC, all staff are required to sign the Code of Conduct for Child Protection during the employees’ onboarding process and are required to renew their acknowledgement bi-annually. They are also required to participate in annual child protection faculty training.

      All parents are required to sign the Child Protection Parental Consent during the student registration process. We invite all parents to attend Child Protection lectures, as helping all parents to get familiar with KCISEC CPP and further follow through the policy.



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