When there is cause to suspect child abuse or neglect, it is the responsibility of the staff member to report his or her suspicions to the appropriate child protection officers. Chief members of the child protection committee include Child Protection Officer, Child Protection Vice Officer and Designated Liaison Person; their responsibility is to address suspected child protection incidents and convene the Child Protection Meeting. The discussion and resolution-forming process are based on the best interest of the child during the child protection meeting.

       The Child Protection Committee develops the action plan by utilizing resource from school personnel in order to protect the child and further prevent the secondary victimization of the child.

       The committee strongly believes that it is essential to establish a holistic support-response system to ensure children’s safety at KCISEC.

       All staff, faculty, and administrators are mandated to report suspected child protection incident followed by reporting procedures. Reporting record and tailored action plan must be initiated within 24 hours after the suspected child protection incident has been disclosed.


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